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Defense Actions Ready Kit (DARK)

I.     Introduction – Government Website Crime Stats

        A.  Disclaimer – This is not legal counsel.

        B.  The Reality – What the Ready Kit is about?

        C.  The Goal – Why the Ready Kit is an essential part of everyone’s life and how to use it effectively.

        D.  Chilling Real-Life Examples – We all know someone who has been through it.

         E.  The Why – Helping others to be more prepared.

II.   Lawyer Information

        A.  Disclaimer, we are not lawyers but we know how to choose one!

                1.  Choosing an attorney, what you need to know for sure.

                2.  BONUS MATERIAL:  “7 Steps to Choosing an Attorney…”

         B.  Introduction

                 1.  Biggest problem is overcoming what has already been said.

                 2.  Getting out of custody in order to help your case.

         C.  Advise of Rights

                 1.  Right to remain silent.

                 2.  Do not provoke the cops, but be polite and say…

                 3.  Nothing until lawyer is present.  Not to family, friends, NOBODY.

                 4.  Remember, everything is subject to recording or monitoring…

          D.  The Mental Aftershock – What to do and what not to do.

          E.   The Effects of Adrenaline – From Hero to Zero in minutes…

          F.   The Material After-effects – Don’t be a “Mr. Clean.”

          G.   Calling it in – If you don’t know what to say…you’ll say it wrong!

          H.   LEO’s – Law Enforcement Officers; Cops are people too.

           I.   Detention

                  1.   Bail Procedure and Information. Bail Hearing, will they remain in custody or out of custody while the case is being built?

                  2.   Somone who has access to finances.

                  3.   Money or property available for bail. Bank Accounts Accessibility, etc.

                  4.   Average Amounts: 

                          A.   Aggravated Assault – 20K

                           B.   Assault with a deadly weapon – 50K

                           C.   Murder or homicide – 100K

                           D.   POA – Have a Power of Attorney accessible to clients to get signed for accessing finances etc.

             J.   Civil Cases v. Criminal Cases

                    1.  The perspective can be completely different.

                    2.  Document:

                           A.  If the situation does not rise to the level of a criminal case, does it fall into the level of a civil liability case?

                           B.  Does your insurance have “exclusion” for gun related injuries? Make sure you know.

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