Utah Concealed Firearms Permit Courses

Utah Concealed Firearms

Years of teaching  the Utah Concealed Firearms Course and literally thousands of students, we ensure you get the best instruction in Utah! Please call: 385-204-5353 if you have any questions…

Read Damon’s Interview with Hope Hodge, Reporter from Human Events Publication…HERE!

Next Class Dates:

  • April 26, 2014 - Saturday Morning; 9am to about 1pm – Instructor; Damon Thueson
  • May 10, 2014 - Saturday Morning; 9am to about 1pm – Instructor; Damon Thueson
  • May 24, 2014 - Saturday Morning; 9am to about 1pm – Instructor; Damon Thueson

PLEASE NOTE: When registering for Concealed Firearms Classes…Defense Actions has partnered with carryutah.com to provide a wider range of products, training and education. When registering for the Concealed Classes, you will be directed to the CarryUtah.com to completed registration. Thanks Again…

*** (Once registered, you will receive an email or phone call with further details)***

The Utah Concealed Firearms Course fee is $50 for everything:

  • Fingerprints,
  • Photos,
  • Copy of Drivers License,
  • Application,
  • BCI Required Outline,
  • Website References,
  • 5 Steps to Buy a Gun Correctly,
  • Reciprocity/Recognition Map,
  • Book Reference List,
  • and much, much more!

*Public Classes in Utah Valley - Damon Thueson; Classes are held at: Zabriskie Law Firm; 899 North, Freedom Blvd. Provo UT

Private Classes - Damon and Steve have traveled all over the state of Utah, and out of state as well, so book your Private Class Today!

Please bring a pen/pencil and paper for taking notes. A photo will be taken,  if you need to “style” your hair.

Also, please bring your drivers license, ID, or passport, as a copy will be made for you to turn into the BCI.

For those who are not US citizens, please bring your passport and naturalization ID as well.

Minimum requirements for application for the Utah Concealed Firearms permit are:

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